Tonight I had to wave a sad goodbye to dd-wrt and revert back to a stock firmware. This travesty is because the dd-wrt firmware doesn’t support the hardware NAT function on the TP-Link Archer C7 v2 which resulted in losing over two third of my bandwidth. Being that my ISP provides me with a full gigabit upstream and down that equated to a getting only 200-300 megs each way instead of over 900 on a wired connection. On wireless things were even worse: I was getting 100-200 megs vs over 500.


It was actually a note on the OpenWRT page that led me to discover all this so I feel the need to give them a shout out and a “thanks.”

Reverting to Stock

Getting back to stock was more complicated than expected at first but worked out in the end. Here are a couple of notes in case anyone else it trying to do this too:

  1. Download the latest stock firmware from
  2. Download the webrevert RAR file from
  3. UnRAR the file and “upgrade” via the dd-wrt interface to the extracted .bin file.
  4. Upgrade to the newest stock firmware via stock interface.
  5. Change the password and update all the settings.