3 minute read

3 months, 35 emails, and many Facebook Messenger messages later, I finally have all the things I paid for during the GK68XS Kickstarter. I originally ordered 3 keyboards: one of each color combination of the plastic framed wireless models. Sadly, delivery was nothing like what was advertised. Here’s the journey I had to take simply to get what I paid for. » Read more

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13 minute read

For part three of my journey in using OpenTelemetry (Otel) with Sinatra I am upgrading to the 0.6.0 release of the OTel gems to get many new features, adding instrumentation to VMPooler, and learning what not to do. Part 3 also includes opening several issues and making my first code contribution to opentelemetry-ruby. Lastly, I will be sharing some more complete code examples showing how all the bits are configured. » Read more

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9 minute read

For part two of my journey in using OpenTelemetry (Otel) with Sinatra I am replacing my Lightstep instrumentation with the OTel version. Besides updating the instrumentation, I am also deploying production instances of an OTel Collector and Jaeger. The goal of part 2 is to have my first three applications shipping traces to both a local Jaeger instance and to Lightstep in both test and production and to have Jaeger included in the Docker compose workflows used during development. » Read more

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2 minute read

My favorite personal project is an application called PiWeatherRock… or it was before I dove in head-first working to update it and create a community for it’s users. Tons of enthusiasm morphed into something else » Read more

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