3 months, 35 emails, and many Facebook Messenger messages later, I finally have all the things I paid for during the GK68XS Kickstarter. I originally ordered 3 keyboards: one of each color combination of the plastic framed wireless models. Sadly, delivery was nothing like what was advertised. Here’s the journey I had to take simply to get what I paid for.

  • On Aug. 14th I got the first one.
  • On Aug. 17th I was told by support that the shipping company missed my other ones and that both would be sent out right away.
  • On Sept. 2nd I got a delivery but it only contained one keyboard. On Sept. 7th support claimed ignorance and asked for more information.
  • On Sept. 9th they apologized and offered to refund me or fast ship the missing one. I opted for the latter as I still wanted the keyboard.
  • On Sept. 14th they said I’d have it in had in a week.
  • Two weeks later I followed up because I had not gotten anything.
  • On Oct. 3rd they again claimed ignorance. I again provided all the requested info and on both Oct. 9 and Oct. 17 I asked for an update.
  • On Oct. 17th I reached out via Facebook Messenger and asked if they could help. They said they would escalate my issue.
  • On Oct. 21st I posted in Messenger that I still had not heard anything.
  • On Oct. 22nd I got a response in Messenger that they’d pushed the team and I’d get a response the same day.
  • On Oct. 23rd I finally got a response back that the missing keyboard would be back in stock “in a few weeks.” I replied to support and reiterated a previous message that I needed to have the keyboard before December so that I could get it sent out in time for Christmas. They offered to send a white one immediately, which I accepted.
  • On Oct. 28th I followed up asking if there was a tracking number yet but did not get a response so I tried again on Nov. 1st.
  • On Nov. 1st I posted in Messenger again, this time referring to the conversation from Oct. 23rd. I let them know I had not heard anything at all yet (similar to what I sent support via email). The person working Messenger was quite nice and seemed to try and help.
  • On Nov. 2nd I got a message in Messenger saying a response had been sent to my email. I told them I did indeed get a message and that it said they’d send me tracking info in 1-2 working days. The person in Messenger asked I keep them updated on the status of things, which I was happy to do.
  • On Nov. 6th I followed up again via Messenger and email as I had not heard anything back.
  • On Nov. 8th I got a message in Messenger saying my order should be on the way in 1-2 days. I let them know I appreciated the help but that I’d already heard that same timeline six days prior. They said they’d keep an eye out for it and later that day I finally got the tracking information.
  • Today, Nov. 13th I got the keyboard, just as I had ordered it, which was both good and bad. The good is I got exactly what I was after. The bad is that support apparently flat out lied to me when they said they’d ship one immediately if I accepted a different color.

I am sharing all this in the open in hopes that it will encourage Epomaker to make process changes so that this doesn’t happen again. My wife and I both love our GK68XS keyboards and have even backed the GK96S, though we did so separately in hopes of avoiding a repeat of the fiasco documented here.